the plan. revised / remixed.

I’m a plan sort of girl. When I was in the States I felt like I was in the zone… the plan was happening around me. Operation go to New York City, swim in inspiration, dance around with family members, and connect with US tribal members was all the go. The words were flowing and I wasn’t feeling like the world is a pile of suck.

And then I came back to Australia.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind it here. However I thought coping was going to be better. I expected my work to stay in the same direction and that somehow things would be alright.

Little did I know.

My ‘personal’ life has been on a quick trip to wreck since returning. I have been an unsettled, moody, mess that spends every day wanting to go back to New York City. And I got myself so worked up that the direction of my work turned into a stack of emotional poetry where I basically whinge about my lack of practical coping abilities.


I landed some freelance editorial work for the next two months. I simply can’t be in Australia and not work. I feel confident that each of the projects I’m working on was brought up to a reasonable enough scope during my NYC four month exodus that balancing money job and no-money writing mission will work out…

Come July… it’s back to New York City.

I’m predicting some other new and improved elements of Gretchen Cello’s world as well… but first things first.

The countdown begins! FollowMeToNYC!!!

4 thoughts on “the plan. revised / remixed.

  1. Hiya Gretch, was away in France and was incommunicado amd missed your daily blog for a while.
    Congrats on your Post celebration and of course admitting that you’re moody, most women don’t 🙂 Lookin forward to catchin up with your stuff

    1. Cathal! How was France?? I must check out your Sunday update to hear about it! Missed you while you were away & I hope you had a wonderful time with your family!! And surely you’ve noticed by now… I’m not like most women 😉 I’d even go as far to say as I’m moodier! bwah hahaha!!!

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