Henry’s helmet. welcome fall.

Poor Henry has had a hell of a time settling into New York City. First, his sister whacked him in the eye. Now there’s something not good with his paw happening and to prevent him from licking it, he’s had to wear a lampshade on his head for the past three days.

I took it off of him today because he was walking better and I was hoping he had forgotten anything ever happened and moved on with playing ball and going on walks.

Much to my dismay he started licking like crazy. This makes puppy toes red and raw and prevents any sort of healing going down. No matter how many abrasion ointments you can think of.

Tomorrow I will book his third vet appointment in a month. Good thing the puppies are used to vets from having annual checkups. But sheesh. I will feel much better once Henry’s foot can dance back to normal.

Today is October 1 and to celebrate that I ate a caramel apple and drank a pumpkin beer. My windows and backdoor are open welcoming a wonderful autumn breeze that has the finest hairs on my arms standing to attention. There’s always
something uniquely comforting about autumn in New England to me, it was something I missed the most living in another hemisphere.

Welcome fall, when everything starts dying to make room for new life.

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