why do you have to do that when you’re here?

This was my mother’s reaction when I warned her this morning that no coffee time is nearly upon us. She continued with, ‘Can’t you just do that when you go back to Australia?’ before realizing ‘Oh you don’t start that for another week still, I’ll be out in the mornings so I won’t have to deal with you…’

DSCN1593My ordinary coffee of choice is a double espresso. I essentially harbor a deep rooted fondness for anything that stains teeth… I truly miss my local Aussie reds.

Fortunately I have five more days until the detox starts so I am going to consume as many black listed items as possible which starts today when all of my sisters arrive… I can only imagine the photos for tomorrow’s entry.

The script still pools in the back of my mind. I’ve been doing a lot of writing and reading… I’m in the lull where your subconscious observes and absorbs surrounding actions.

My main struggle has been not getting into my novel(s)… which I essentially came over here to write. I’m staying focussed on the script because it will be done by the time I leave in about five weeks… poetry pours.

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