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I went to a job today that I didn’t walk out of. In fact, I actually had fun. And no, I’m not saying that as some new-age affirmation to make myself think I enjoyed the day when it actually sucked. Please… you know how I do.

Without boring you with details, I shall be getting dollars for the next four weeks writing. When it comes down to it, writing jobs make me happy. Even when they mean I have to sit at a desk other than my own. I will literally make close to double what last week’s ‘incident’ had on the table.

And I need money for two very important things:

1. moving to Melbourne

2. traveling back to New York City (holl-aaaah!!)

But let’s be real here, as much as I’m a hippy that wants to bash capitalist systems that distract from creative time… money is fun for a lot of reasons.

Top ten reasons money can be fun

10. Tipping strippers.

9. Tipping strippers… oh wait, I said that already.

8. Buying music from bands you love enough not to boot leg.

7. Purchasing goodies for the puppies.

6. Gambling.

5. Visiting expensive cocktail bars.

4. Clothes shopping from independant designers that actually have to charge the worth of their product.

3. Scoring many books.

2. Showering people with gifts.

1. Purchasing airfare to NEW YORK CITY!!!

I wrote poems on the train in and out of town and giggled at my disguise of an overpriced suit and black stilettos. I shall spend the rest of my day penning stories about the posse of characters that crossed my path today.

Nothing spells inspiration like a new pack of familiar strangers…

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