i thought. then i read. and you seem.

April 18, 2010 Posted by the writer

Part of being a human means you meet other humans in various circumstances. Something that intrigues me about FollowMeToNYC is the picture it paints of my life.

For the loyal cult members checking in each day… and the hardcore advisory board of crazies that have been here since we kicked off last September… many aspects of my madness and passion surfaces in these pages. Every day I learn more about what’s affecting me, reactions I evoke, and who/how I think I am as an Artist… most of what can be experienced around here.

… most.

Recently I met someone through a side of my life I don’t get too deep into here – the spiritual element. The way I see it, there are enough contradictions around these posts sent by the stars and varying situations… I never feel compelled to blah on about an entirely ‘different’ side of me that simply adds to these already thriving blog qualities.

Besides, that’s what poetry is for…

Anyways I came across someone that shares a spiritual alignment who, after our initial encounter discussing meditation and other¬†seens and unseens… visited the world of gretchen cello.

The next time we spoke they mentioned the visit and we both giggled about the multiple dimensions that construct the creatures we exist as.

It made me think about something so important during this crusade… being myself. Some days I’m a ¬†poet, some days I’m a cynical Yank, other times I’m a script writer, and on occasion I’m a sooky emo. These are but a few sides of gretchen… a few sides of all of us in different ways. Like one of my many about pages stated ‘I don’t think I’m any more complicated than anyone else, I just write about it more.’

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