multitudinous enrapture

‘The best part of beauty is that which no pictures express.’ – Bacon

multitudinous enrapture

The lunar crescent of his smile invites
my exploration. Evidence of life.
It waxes and wanes with soft silver light,
Illuminates features sharp as a knife.
Complexity of blue shines from his eyes
inventing spectrum shades yet undefined,
perhaps once captured by a midnight sky.
My gaze addicted to colour refined.
He speaks to me in truth and endearment,
With cello string words, an orchestral tone.
Sound so sweet, I get lost in the content.
His natural scent, addictive cologne.
He knows not of this physical appeal,
real beauty projects from something surreal.


6 thoughts on “multitudinous enrapture

    1. i completely agree, each to their own… i just don’t want the E channel saying who our ‘each’ should be 😉 my godmother is in her 40’s and reckons she has a crush on RP… it kind of grossed me out, lol.

  1. I’m so glad you said that about fortunate DNA. I got into big ‘picture no sound’ trouble with the missus because I told my gorgeous looking niece (18) that she was gorgeous by fluke and not to take advantage of it i.e ask the ugly bloke to dance at the ‘junior debs’. But you know what, she did, and I was really proud of her.

    1. as soon as you figure out what makes someone passionate, only then do i believe can we see their true beauty… once i see someone’s eyes light up, i basically fall in love with them 😉

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