thousands and hundreds

I’m in a quality over quantity hiatus with my writing. While I continue to tap out novel, I’m being easy on word count.

Many of us know about my 5,000 a day word binges where I lash down chapters and force out stories. Sometimes I think these are important phases to have. Usually they come when I don’t feel quite focussed enough on any particular project to slow down just a little.

That’s essentially where I am now.

I work through less than 1,000 words a sitting at the moment. The number of sittings I do in a week depends on lots of life-happening things and emotional balancing, or unbalancing(s). But by shortening the sessions, my novel is forming in the open-ended, evasiveness I so enjoy smearing  on pages in letters.

I have been anxious to post clips but refrain. So many of my words float around FollowMeToNYC land. It’s refreshing to focus on side-projects.

That reminds me, I have a book coming out with my boy Rick. Another collaboration.

I’m writing tons. Peanut’s keeping my lap warm. I’m taking her to the country today for the weekend. Off to write in the forest…

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