pick a project. any project.

I’ve decided to pick a project this week. Something in addition to Poetry: Volume three arriving in two weeks-ish.

Something to bloody finish.

Tim votes YA fiction. One of the works I’m knocking about is a spooky-like New England tale about some ghost hunters and a girl who knows better than to use the word “ghost”. In 2010 I posted a few bits from what I have in mind.

I guess after spending yesterday sorting through a few hundred posts in these parts, I started to get the “Jesus, I seriously haven’t finished another book yet?” bug.

The last book I finished (again, poetry aside) was called I’m going where it snows. It was another YA book that I tried pitching to Penguin Books in Australia.

Shot. Down.

As we’re aware, the tossing to publisher bit isn’t the glory I find myself chasing… I just like having an apartment buried in manuscripts. Particularly if they happened to be finished manuscripts.

So I reckon I’ll try slinging some scary words this week. While I do love the array of styles I spill regularly. I think shifting to one for a few days will do me some good… we’ll find out on Friday just how much good we’re talkin.

Off to work blog family! In the world of business it’s approaching the end of the second quarter. I’m off to work to work numbers into words. Then it’s back to ghosts…

Viva variety!

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