scratching the sonnet project

I’ve decided I don’t want to write a sonnet every day. I’m going to keep writing them… but not every day. My logic is pretty simple… they’re stressing me out. The reason they’re stressing me out is because poetry isn’t something I’ve ever forced… it flows from me. I started writing my daily sonnet and didn’t feel like it at all. So even though the end result was decent… it made me unhappy because it didn’t make me feel anything. I was simply left looking at words on a page.

I think this is the hardest blog entry I’ve done. I threw up twice today. I’m not sick though… just unwell. I haven’t really felt decent for about a week. I actually think I’m overworked which is entertaining considering that I don’t have a job… the last three months have been intense.

I’m going to spend the rest of the day making myself better. Hopefully it works. This is usually the time when I curl up with the puppies. I actually thought about changing my ticket and flying back to Australia early. That would be a cop out though…

… I haven’t quite finished what I started.

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