I’m doing this becaaause

I don’t know very many other Writers. I am fortunate to have met a few here and there in the great expanse of Internet land, but in all honesty I can count on one hand how many I’ve met in person. And even then, it’s been a five minute encounter of ‘Oh you like to write? Yeah… me too.’

So I started thinking about why people write, I imagine we each have our own reasons. Part of why I write is to try to evoke a feeling in people that I get when I read something I love… something I connect with. Sometimes being human is a very lonely feeling, I think. I don’t believe that there’s a person in the world who hasn’t experienced a moment where all we’re after is that feeling of being related to, that security of someone else saying ‘Hell yes I have been there.’

DSCN1952I also appreciate a decent escape (like abandoning your life for a four month ‘break’, for example). I’d like to make a living creating escapes for other people… word escapes. Places where we can get past the distraction of every-day-necessities like earning dollars and meeting expectations that perhaps we aren’t as interested in as we feel like we’re supposed to be. Places where we can meet in the middle and share experience – exchange expression.

Such a tricky think to explain… maybe I’m just being my typical, over-analytical self? Regardless of the reasoning… no turning back now!! In about 48 hours I’ll be on an airplane… it still feels completely surreal.

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