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Amongst the various elements of my life that don’t involve my existence as a Writer falls Spiritualism. I spent my afternoon at a local Spiritualist church in Melbourne.

My childhood was essentially a string of intense psychic experiences that led to cranky teenage years of “What’s wrong with this world?” Once I stopped being angry, I was able to settle into a realm of unconditional love and look at life a new way.

I first came across the Spiritualists a decade-ish back. The main principles of Spiritualism are:

A belief in spirit communication.

A belief in life after death.

Personal responsibility for life circumstances.

Even after death it is possible for the soul to learn and improve.

A belief in a God, often referred to as “Infinite Intelligence”.

The natural world considered as an expression of said intelligence.

My connection with the Spiritualists is important. If you were ever to attend a mass, you would find a discussion during the first half of the ceremony, and a Medium during the second half. The Medium stands in front of the crowd and reads where ever she/he is drawn. So far every time I’ve attended a mass the Medium speaking has addressed me, including today.

Sometimes I let foolish things in life take up too much of my attention. I also think I go through phases where I take certain understandings that rule my daily routines for granted. Today wasn’t one of those days though.

Today was divine.

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