tiptoe. close your eyes to look.

I support the concept of creative visualization. You know, if there’s something you’re chasing – close your eyes, dip into meditation, stare at it with your third eye.

This is usually the part when the average cynic pipes up with something like, “I want a zillion bagigillion dollars and can’t get it! Sucks to your theory!”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

For me, I believe in a karmic factor as well. And in addition to karma, I have this theory that life is pre-destined. I realize with all of the awfulness in the world that sounds harsh. Surely, why would anyone “choose” to endure some of the horrific paths we see before us in this mysterious land of Earth.

I don’t have an answer for that.

As we know, my solution for everything is love. Beam it out of you in the direction of everywhere… fill the Universe with it. This isn’t a hippy chant I frivolously spew without substance. It’s literally what I guide my life with, even during my most ripper nervous breakdown.

I received another message in line with tiptoeing my way back to Manhattan. I don’t reckon any of us really dig a waiting game, but we deal with it best we can.

I’m dealing with it with my eyes closed, they’re focussing on an apartment flooded with light, minimal furniture, and a desk beside a window – somewhere where I’m supposed to be. Somewhere amongst the click of keys as I finish my novel in my personal wonderland of inspiration.

I feel it in my bones. Perhaps I won’t be there forever… but I’m seriously meant to be getting there right about now.

Let’s go New York City. I’ve been waiting a minute…

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