split decision. ricardo perez jr.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 2.21.18 PMMany of us are already aware how tight I stay with Rick.

The opportuity to review his latest publication is a blessing.

Split Decision, by the wildly talented Ricardo Perez Jr. is a collection of faith, intelligence, love and ideas. The book paints the frame of a passionate life with words that make you lean closer toward the page.

Something unique about Rick’s writing is his ability to craft different styles. Throughout the book, tones rise and change like tides of moments and the reader is brought on a true journey of what it means to experience this world as part of the One source that keeps us all together.

The book is divided into five parts: Age Old Timeless, Speaking Conscience, More Than Inspiration, Written Silence, Abstract. Each section creates fresh insight of what life means and soothes with divine reminders.

If you are familiar with Rick’s talent, you’re probably aware that he is also a music producer. This is one of the things that contributes to how his words make songs that you feel yourself keeping rhythm with as your eyes hungrily consume each syllable.

We live in a world of politics and television. Humans have moved into a space where feeling anything isn’t something people want to talk about very much today in modern literature. Maybe that’s why you just don’t find good poets around, really. Unless, of course, you’re fortunate like me to know Rick.

I first came to know Rick’s work around 2007/2008. This is his greatest collection to date, and I can’t say what a privilege it is to grow with and watch another Artist continue to grow. All Artists know that art never stops or ends, it evolves. I encourage you to evolve as well, take time to know a Poet like Rick – not that there are any others out there quite like him at at all.

Read this book.

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