storm nemo. where you at.

Greetings family of blogDSCN4531

I’m not sure if Storm Nemo outside has broken any serious records; but here in FollowMeToNYC land, I broke the record of hiding out for the longest period since 2009. I smiled uniquely yesterday coming across messages from two of my favorite new family members floating around Twitter-space with:

“Oi. Where you at?”

I actually had somewhat of a medical situation for a week-ish that dipped me into a cocoon like state. Plus yesterday would have been my 10-year wedding anniversary from marriage number one. I needed a time-out. Anyways, so much for that idea, at least some books came of it.

DSCN4529Peanut is not a fan of Storm Nemo. I’m not really a fan of it being called “Nemo”. I took Peanut for a Hell’s Kitchen wander this morning assuming we would continue trekking toward our standard Central Park destination.

Peanut wasn’t having it. She’s not a fan of snowy-ick. In fact, I had to take her to the vet last week because one of her paws became irritated from the salt the city uses to melt ice on the sidewalks. You know what that means…

Peanut needs shoes.

It’s fun being snowed in. I’m going to work on my novel and order Peanut new kicks. I’m going to slurp the potato chowder I cooked yesterday and read a book about the bond market.

I’ll probably ponder time, space and those other things I spend most of my time wondering about.

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  1. Babe that is some serious snow, I hope you are okay? you don’t really say..I’m missing you, stay safe and warm xxx

    1. Darling I’m so much tougher than snow 😉 Although an outdoor table with a pear cider somewhere in Brunswick sounds so appealing right now… x

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