that crazy moon of ours

I have learned in the past 24 hours from a collection of Australian tribal members that New Years was filled with laughter, cheers, a few cocktails, and a couple of clouds over the blue moon…

So today I am posting a photo of my view of the moon shortly before one of the first 2010s was counting down across the globe…

A few days into the year… it’s slowly all starting to seep in….

After looking at this photograph today and nearly having forgotten about how amazing the night sky was on New Year’s Eve I wrote the following poem… oh and I was listening to this. Gotta love Chicane.

the inside of the sky

She shows him the moon the way she sees it
wearing a crystal necklace. Shining. Blue.
His eyes are closed. She’s just as exquisite;
the sky they’re inside. So rare but so true,
a fate amongst ears. Promise of the heart.
She says it’s silver. At least fifty years.
One sky means they can’t be too far apart.
Dark sky on one side, the other side clear.
The click of a moment can last for lives,
he thinks while determining words to say.
She listens, turning her ear to the sky.
Forgetting existence of time and day.
Someplace where the clouds break, white light shines through.
A hushed knowledge, the start of something (k)new.

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