the conclusion of new year’s celebrations

Ok so technically today is 1 January 2010 because new year’s eve just ended according to my body clock. That’s my story… I’m sticking to it… Happy New Year!

Once upon a time a New Year’s eve celebration began with my special glass and a rainbow of beverages. I vaguely recall the ball dropping, discussing Kathy’s plastic surgery, and eating this delicious desert in a small room with a collection of my favorite people.

A few hours after that we were standing outside for some reason next to a row of barbecues covered in snow…

At some point there was definitely daylight because I remember taking Lilly outside to play and catching snowflakes on my tongue. Shortly after I was chauffeured in a disco balled KIA to the casino… that must have been Friday afternoon… (yesterday?)

Somewhere in between I wrote a few poems… like this one…

an angry sailor loses his compass

Some look to find. (seek) Behind dark curtains,
a slither seducing quick attention
like what turning my head (too fast) pertains,
a hand so slight. I dare quite not mention
what beckons and tempts does often too bring
a something… You aren’t sure you’re looking for
wait. (loudness) Shaking. Feathers construct wings.
Is it just me or do you seem unsure.
Because I recall a time when you said…
I love you without border or constraint.
Now your action? Crying that love is dead.
Blowing fire to smoke me out, make me faint.
(lower) Vibrational digs don’t touch me.
I’m comfortable with some things. You can’t… (see).

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