vintage dress. cowgirl boots.

My new neighborhood of Sunnyside is filled with thrift shops. A few days ago I stomped the streets in search of cheap goodies. I scrummaged through fox shawls and dusty shoes in search of the type of treasures that only come second-hand. The result? A flowered vintage dress and pair of raspberry cowgirl boots.

Making the four mile voyage from my previous tower in midtown to a brick, backyard-having townhouse has instilled a search for simplicity that wasn’t there prior. I also think that going from single living alone to married with puppies in a six month period added a distinct twist to things too.

The long-term plan has always been to use whatever I make from my Writing to open a healing center, create an Ashram. Wandering down my block today in awe of the enormous trees and miles of colorful blooms, possibility kissed my freckled cheeks.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from life ranting for nearly 1,000 days, it’s that some things really are for certain. Sure you’re going to get slapped with the uncertainties as well like ex-parnters, nervous breakdowns and other periods of life that scar our insides in places no one else will ever see – but I stay believing that an honest heart and open mind are the most powerful tools anyone can be equipped with.

Blogging is difficult at the moment, switching my brain from business words to book words to blog words whilst entertaining puppies and launching life with a new lover has had me knocked about the past few weeks – not gonna lie.

Fortunately, there are always new ways waiting to be discovered that somehow keep things manageable. Like a vintage dress and new pair of boots… for example.

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