well that was confronting

Ok so my book proposal is nearly finished. It took me just over a week. It wil definitely be done today.IMG_0479

I like to sleep on projects. Not in a protagonistic way, although I am a fan of procastinating in the proper circumstances. In cases of my writing, I prefer to walk away from something and revisit. Shake. Repeat.

So after roughly ten days of that, I think I have something to send in. I have that sick stomach throw-up excite-y feeling in my guts that isn’t exactly good, ┬ábut I wouldn’t call terrible.

I had a conversation with one of my besties earlier about pseudonyms. Writers really can’t have enough of them. I’m not sure what I’ll write under this time.

I’ve never actually had an entire book of mine laid out in front of me, chapter by chapter with summaries. I found it to be a tremendously challenging, yet incredibly rewarding, process.

At the moment I’m cleaning up the two chapter sample that I am going to send along with my query letter. I’m proud of what I’ve got to put forward. I don’t think I could really chase anything else just quite yet.

The entire process has felt awkwardly confronting, I’m glad it’s nearly over. Then all I do is shoot it out and wait. I’m good at that part.

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