As much as I am enjoying the chaos brought on by wikileaks, I believe there is also a downside to the pleasure of watching governments be utterly exposed for stacks of corruption.

People acting surprised.

Many “Oooh can you believe that?” and “Did you hear about when they did this?” phrases are being whispered by populations still feeding systems because they feel they have no choice. And let’s be real here blog family, unless there is a complete upheaval which, considering the immensity of the US armed forces seems unlikely, I don’t foresee a change coming anytime soon.

This is in no way meant to imply that I don’t love seeing political swine trashed all over the net, I’m just somewhat baffled by the quantities of life that assumed there were “open lines of communication” between, oh say, the US government and country’s citizens… ever.

Come on now…

Never the less. The entire spectacle also highlights another serious problem on Earth, called humans. I often feel perplexed hearing complaints about “government” when “government” is just a collection of humans abusing tax dollars fed to them by suckers like me.

I suppose this is all quite an intricate topic to try to address. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I personally don’t need wikileaks to educate me about the deleterious effects of government. But I reckon the world could use a webpage to wake people up to the pathetic condition of human behaviors.

Imagine how long the founder of that site would get locked up for.

Said my two cents. Back to word banging and love spreading…

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