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IMG_2816Words are pouring from my fingers like woah. I’m a bit in love with what I’m working on at the moment. It’s nearly half done, considering I started this particular project like two weeks ago, I’m pretty excited. Truth be told, I just want to have one completed Novel next to my poetry books.

Then the next poetry book will be in the cards… it’s been a minute.

In other news, I was chatting with one of my besties about the not-relationship I was recently caught up with. My mate and I decided to apply the two second rule to the situation. Only opposed to dropping something on the ground for two seconds then eating it, we decided that two ordinary instances of shagging don’t really count for anything. And that I shouldn’t have ever really cared or been attached to this particular person. That’s how the twoIMG_2822 second rule applies here.

So in typical human tradition, instead of actually being passionate about someone, or the potential and inspiration that people can spark in each other – I’m apparently not going to care at all and be civil to the person that I did not have a relationship with.

I actually spoke to this particular person for the first time yesterday since I don’t remember, like a week or something. Their interested to know why I changed my mind about still having occasional contactThen they proceeded to tell me about all the “friends” they have and how it’s “cool”.

I’m pretty sure that’s when I threw up in my mouth.

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