100 day countdown. imagine.

So this is post 265. It arrives on the last evening in the abode I have been predominantly residing in for the past 36 months… minus time spent during overseas gallivants.

For those of you keeping up, you may be aware of the smash factor that’s been beating my ass from Melbourne to Brisbane and back etc for the past few weeks. Back and forth, forth and back. I’m not sure which way anymore.

It’s all been quite dizzying frankly.

And let’s not forget, since returning from the States in February… I’ve had my first five tastes of places around the web picking up my work.

Aside from being utterly amazed that I submitted five pieces of work in four months full stop… having them accepted gives me unique jitters that I can’t quite describe yet. Considering my inner turmoil about circulating writing for editorial consideration, I’m pretty proud of myself.

Plus spending time in the presence of humans barking things like ‘You’re dreaming if you think this…’ or ‘Your writing is simply that…’ can actually do your head in if you let it.

Fortunately for me, I’ve got titanium will.

… and I know how to use it.

Actually, a benefit of doing my page every day is being able to see what happens when energy is clearly directed.

For example, 28 Marchset off a detox to manifest a Melbourne move which kicked in 23 April. During this entry, I mentioned getting to New York City… which will occur this WEDNESDAY, 16 June.

Unfortunately I wasn’t focussed enough to have the hardcopy anthology in my hand like I intended… but 2 out of 3 ain’t too shabby…

Imagine if everyone on the planet manifested world peace at the same time… wait… hasn’t someone already raised this?

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