cop that cranky pants

I had a bit of the Monday icks today. You know how sometimes you have the icks and you don’t realize it until something happens and you growl at someone, or you suddenly feel your forehead ache from creasing because you’ve inadvertently been scowling for so long.

… it was those sort of icks.

During my lunch break I was pretending to sit in the break room and fiddle with my iPad when all I was really doing was staring downward and reciting the “Two more weeks until New York City… Two more weeks until New York City…” mantra in my mind.

That’s when my phone lit up.

I’m a gadget whore. I love my iPhone. Mainly because I like that people can find me when they need me. It makes me forget that I live on a deserted island. Sure there are times when I don’t want to hear from anyone, that’s what the off button is for.

My twitter, facebook, and all sorts of other apps light up during the day and bring me surprise smiles. Today’s surprise smile was extra special…

It came from a bull rider in San Francisco who has been checking in with the cult since we fired up nearly two years ago. He told me he copped one of my books and wanted to see how to arrange for me to sign it.

I blushed and giggled and listened to the universe whisper in the back of my pounding mind, “Feel better? Cop that cranky pants…”

I’m off to submit some more work. I feel much better.

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