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Right. Since I received zero recommendations for a new domain name… I’m going to pick one out of a hat… more to come soon. 100_1435I shall persevere!!

I had the strangest dream last night, I dreamt about dreaming. Then one of my Lecturers from college rocked up and I was telling her about what I’m doing as a Writer. I guess it’s nice to see I’ve even got myself convinced subconsciously what I’m meant to be doing.

I’ve started to briefly outline some workshops. I’ll do more with this when I swap continents in six weeks (that’s right people. only six weeks til we hit the land down under) … in the meantime I’m trying to come up with a killer ending to my script.

Finishing it will be satisfying. I’ll be able to run it past the lovely woman that asked if I had any movies up my sleeve in the first place. Granted I would have liked to have it to her a few weeks back, but I didn’t think I was going to write something entirely new. Plus I’m a perfectionist so a lot has gone into it other than just Writing… like studying, researching, and making sure it’s excellent.

It is excellent.

And although I have taken great satisfaction in my ideas and creations during this temporary life escape, what seems to be pleasing me the most is the time I spend hosting a Writers group online. I woke up this morning to the greeting of some holiday love from a small tribe of Writers that comes out to play with me quite regularly.

To a wonderful day ahead.



  1. Short domain names are easier to remember and carry more authority. Good Domain

  2. Maybe something with writing in the title for your blog? Or ‘words’? If it was me, I would google some cool blog names for ideas.

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