symbolism of slow

Namaste international love tribe

Last night I slammed my right pinkie in one of the windows lining the glass box that I live in. It hurt like a BITCH. Ironically, I was just having a conversation with a mate of mine about my somewhat sad tolerance for physical pain.

Two things let me know how bad I hurt myself last night, 1. the amount of blood and, 2. the fact that I literally threw up from the warning pangs being physiologically shot through my body. Ugh.

I worked from home today. I understand my desk is only an eight minute walk from my bed, but the oozing pus-ness of my baby finger led me to believe I should leave my colleagues out.

This is the most physical pain I’ve endured. I threw my back out once, I also sprained my ankle – nearly chopping the top of my finger off hurt the most.

I’d be lying if I said it does not seem symbolic to me. I went from the utterly worse experience of my life to the most divine. My entire psyche shifted, and then my finger almost fell off.

Somehow this all adds up in my head.

As far as my time on earth goes, I am so happy thatI have traveled around and back. With an upcoming election in the United States of America – I realize I will be moving again in the not-too-far future.

I think my greatest achievement so far, this life – is that I have no identity with any sect. I was born in Illinois for some reason, I move around as much as I can. And I travel “internationally” whenever possible.

Which is a lot… because, I proudly work. Hard.

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