tis the season

I love Christmas time in New York City. To celebrate this wonderful time I of year, I’ve been going on dates again.The John Dory

My mantra of the moment is, “Don’t get married.” As our loyal readers are aware, I have a nasty habit of doing that. And I really like to do it, apparently, with people who I hardly know. So yeah, the “Don’t get married” mantra is in full effect.

I haven’t felt compelled to marry anyone I’ve been on dates with this week… I’ve been on three so far. I guess it’s a bit fun. But then again, it’s sort of impossible to have a bad time running around Manhattan at places like The John Dory and The Pony Bar.

I quite enjoy spending time in the company of humans who don’t make me feel like garbage. One thing I certainly learned during my two utterly dysfunctional marriages is that your partner should not make you feel like crap.

My shrink used to always tell me that I needed a real man, and that would make me happy. I’m not necessarily certain that’s true. But I certainly enjoyed myself last night, for example, knocking back oyster shots and swapping stories with my new chef friend.

In other news, Fronkles still has mange and it is still a royal pain in my ass. I’m attending a function this evening at The Plaza. I still haven’t sent in my book proposal. I’m not really sure why. My psychologist would have probably pegged that to some type of fear of rejection – another theory I’m not entirely in agreement with. Words on a page remains to be what I’m passionate about, being published would be nice… but it would’t satisfy me nearly as much as writing a fresh poem complimented with a head nod.

I feel happy. It’s been a long time. I hope you are all feeling happy as well. Here’s to a love-filled holiday season!

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