well. thing is.

I walked out. I lasted three hours. During the three hours that I attempted, four different people told me how they just quit and my ‘boss’ advised that it’s a real ‘us against them mentality’ when it comes to dealing with other areas in the organization.

Are you kidding me?

So I sat there staring blankly at financial reports and believe that I nodded off for about fifteen minutes.

Then I literally grabbed my bag and bounced. No ‘thanks very much for shooting your rays of misery at me’. No ‘it’s not me it’s seriously you…’ I simply stood up, moved my legs, and made my way out the door.

Apparently someone tried to call me. At least that’s what it seemed like when I was deleting all of my voice mails without bothering to play them back.

There has to be some other way…

The good thing is that I had an epiphany that I shouldn’t be working in Brisbane anyways… because I’m fairly confident that I should’ve been living in Melbourne like, yesterday. But don’t get me wrong… July = New York City. Come hell or high water.

Teaching writing is going to be my only saving grace. And personally, I don’t think it’s something that can be taught. There’s a lecturer at the University of Melbourne whose book I’m reading at the moment, and he seems to think the same way. I’ve decided that getting a PhD is the only thing that’s going to save me from being checked into an asylum.

It seems like lots of other crazies get them… I’ve just got to figure out how to convince them I’m one of them. Surely it’s going to be pretty evident…

… but first I need to get to Melbourne. No really. I seriously have to get to Melbourne.

10 thoughts on “well. thing is.

    1. totally!!! HAHAHHAAAA!!! especially when they’re from scary people demanding explanations for things that seem so obvious to my simple mind… LOL!!!

  1. I got an iPhone, so here I am sitting at a dance class with eldest as they dance bollywood,usic stops just as I log in to the world of gretchen cello, and I bust my hole laughin at her opening line. You should see the looks I’m getting. Go gretch!

    1. BWAAHAAhaaa!!! Cheers my friend!! You know, the only good part of my day yesterday was reading the archives of a staff newsletter… one had an article about an employee doing a Bollywood performance in the city, they shake it like no others! 😉

  2. i. saw. it. coming!!!!! i was just thinking of your first day and decided to check here first. xo

    1. I don’t understand? Tee hee!!! At least I made in the door this time! When I tried last week I simply hyperventilated on a traffic island in the middle of a major highway… baby steps big sister!! x x

    1. HAA HAAHAHAAA HAA!!!!! How did I know you were going to appreciate this one?? Mate it was honestly like I was having an out of body experience… and not one of the cool ones when alien abductions are involved… hahahahhaaaa!!!!

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