my first trick or treaters

The last three Halloweens have been hectic. For example, Exhibit A and Exhibit B of village shenanigans – and the ever so popular double whammy parties of 2009.

I consider Halloween to be extra special for many reasons. This year, I walked three miles to work (since Sandy ate the subway), three miles back… and then I had to take Henry to the vet again. Settling into another country hasn’t been a simple task for my poor little baby.

I know the feeling.

So I came home a bit glum that this Halloween wasn’t quite holding a candle to my last three… when something completely surreal dawned on me.

Trick or treaters.

I’ve never had trick or treaters before. Considering the majority of grown up years have been spent living in Australia, I’ve never had children beat my door and demand candy. Last year snugly tucked on the eighteenth floor of a midtown high-rise, I had no door knockers.

However THIS year! This year I bought a bag of lolly pops on the way home and wiggled in delight as my first gaggle of little people playing dress-ups perched on my front stoop in search of sugar.

I guess part of it was sad, no Halloween party, no drunken villagers stumbling across blocks. But then I looked down at my two fuzzy companions, just overjoyed to have me here after a long, busy day.

In the land of finance we call this “end of the quarter” which means life is crazy and I shoot to Bermuda pretty soon for business.  I oddly appreciate a quiet Halloween this year… I’m going to utilize the time to burn candles, drink apple tea and eat something sweet.

When I scroll threw the years behind me, I appreciate the quiet moments even more…

2 thoughts on “my first trick or treaters

  1. Hey Darling, I have to tell you that I had my first trick or treaters last night, it was so surreal…it was a good thing that I had candy left from the Royal Show.. I can see that next year I will need to be better prepared as Aussie land seems to have embraced Halloween… x

    1. Hahahaha!! Oh babe you have no idea how much the vision of you with Show lollies to share in order to accommodate costumed little ones has completely made my evening, actually… my week. I can’t lie, before I bought candy I completely thought, “Wait, don’t I have ANYTHING in the house to give them? Lollypops from the bank or something?” (ps. banks in AUS don’t give out lollypops… WTF?) x o

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